MTS 2021 Startups

Thamaraat: Fresh fruits and vegetables delivery startup. Direct farm-to-consumer, high quality, low prices, boosting agriculture, creating youth jobs.

Aragsan Organics: Producing 100% pure, locally processed organic cosmetics for Somalis, aiming to expand across East Africa with your support.

ROOW: Founded to sustainably remove organic waste, reducing landfill greenhouse gases, and producing high-quality organic soil and mulch.

Hippo Roller Water: Innovation helping drought-affected communities transport more water easily, reducing physical strain, created by South African engineers.

QABSO DHAQTARKAAGA: Online platform connecting patients with over 150 hospitals, doctors, and ambulances, offering remote consultations and streamlined services.

Healing Home: Social enterprise for Somali mental health, preventing depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, fostering creativity and raising community awareness.

Royal Art Studio: String art workshop and store, training young artists, promoting peace, social development, and environmental awareness through art.


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