MTS 2019 Startups

Xareed is a startup that offers modern water filtering solutions to IDPS and low income families in Mogadishu.

Those impressive pitches bring us to a close ladies and gentlemen. The fun-filled and knowledge-packed day of the Mogadishu Tech Summit and Mogadishu Housing Conference has unfortunately concluded.

sweetsisters is a start-up that deals with coffee and bakery retail establishment located in Mogadishu Somalia. SSB expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its broad variety of coffee and pastry products

Kaafiye Booking is startup that offers an Online booking platform that allows customer to booking hotel online with convenient and affordable price.

Baaldooro to is a startup that produces fresh meat free from hazards like disease, chemical contamination, and antibiotics that is affordable to everyone

Tayo Event Management is a web-based online system that manages all the event related activities.

Sadra beauty is a cosmetics startup that offers organic products such as hair oil, lip balm and body lotions.


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