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The Mogadishu Tech Summit (MTS) is the most comprehensive convening of major stakeholders in Somali’s tech and innovation ecosystems – from entrepreneurs and investors, policy makers to multi-national corporations, local angels and international investors. We facilitate connections, learning and collaboration with the goal of enhancing the clarity, colour, and candour of our collective vision for Somali’s future

This year, we are inaugurating our 3rd Edition of #MTS2021. As with all our previous summits, partner-led sessions, workshops, activities or showcases play a key role in MTS’s agenda. Our partners bring sectoral and industry expertise, on-the-ground experiences, and passion for sustainable and inclusive business-led development

We invite prominent Somali tech entrepreneurs – from America to South Africa -- to showcase their work products, talent and link up with local entrepreneurs for partnerships.

At MTS, we believe that the key to solving local challenges is through scalable, replicable business models that are sustainable, and deliver impact to some of the most pressing development challenges that Somalia is facing today. This is why we want to leverage our growing community and our global fora to develop confidence in local impact-oriented solutions to scale their interventions, and amplify their impact.

To begin with, this concept note outlines the following:

Our vision of how MTS can facilitate the discussion

around how to build a better ecosystem for health, education and digital economy An outline of how MTS can provide relevant exposure and other potential investors The benefits and costs associated with becoming an official Mogadishu Tech Summit partner

Conceiving a technology and innovation related summit was tall order and even sounded far-fetched idea in our earlier days of the brainstorming sessions. That’s until we inaugurated the first ever tech summit in Mogadishu held in 2018. From day one, we’ve registered more than 700 participants and the queues have exponentially grown into tenfold. That is, in part, the burgeoning youth in public spaces and the growth of digital penetration, connectivity and the zeal from the millennials in everything to do with techies, internet of things, innovation, entrepreneurship and the fourth industry revolution. Today, our participants have exceeded more than six thousand, with every passing day new member signing up for our social media platforms. We have built a large pipeline of knowledge-sharing, data and other useful resources. The summit has become the place-to-go for all digital-doers; from IT geeks to a pioneering entrepreneur. We have ignited a whole new energy in the tech and startup space. Through our leverage, we raised more than 6 million USD from the local banks that is earmarked to support earlier stage startups, SMEs and other scalable ideas. We have invited some notable speakers from inside and outside Somalia. We have awarded more than $20k to some bankable ideas. To top it off, we have altered the media narrative from bad-mouthing clichés to positive, promising Somalia headlines.

Our vision is simple: Connect Somali’s talents and ideas to the rest of the world.

We are proud of every member – from private and public sector – for their unparalleled support, participation, contribution and making MTS possible and growing platform.

We look forward to seen you at #MTS2022.


Mogadishu Tech Summit (MTS) is a multi-stakeholder platform solely purposed on growing the entrepreneurship, technology and economy in Somali’s emerging markets by channeling support to entrepreneurs and innovators. The MTS team has successfully organized 2 summits with network of over 7000 individuals including government leaders, foundations, corporations, investors, entrepreneurs, academics, students and innovators. Launched in 2018, Mogadishu Tech Summit (MTS) enables a focused exchange of ideas, innovations, technologies and robust dialogue across key issues including the digital economy, Agri-tech, and e-health systems. MTS focuses on the needs of businesses, including startups, Somalia government leaders, and other key stakeholders together community, donors, private sector, entrepreneurs and development organizations to:

To promote and support innovation and the use of technologies to solve Somali challenges
To explore business and investment opportunities
To network and collaborate to drive Somalia’s sustainable development To shape the Somali tech ecosystem

The Mogadishu Tech Summit (MTS) is the biggest festival in Somalia that brings together more than 6000 delegates, 25 investors, 50+ startups, 40+ exhibitions and bootcamps, 20 pitching events, 10 hackathons workshops, and countless networking events all along the sidelines



No other convening in the region brings together such diverse stakeholders where grassroots entrepreneurs can interact with global DFIs, investors, foundations, NGOs, intermediaries, government representatives and many more.


Entrepreneurs remain at the heart of MTS’s philosophy that inclusive development will come through sustainable, impactful businesses


With a unique focus on Somali’s entrepreneurial acumen, MTS is ideally placed to facilitate lateral exchanges between the world’s emerging economies.


MTS aims to drive compelling outcomes in the entrepreneurship economy through its various interactive and engaging platforms. Beyond the Summits, smaller conventions play a critical role of building niche communities, mobilizing content and resources as well as facilitating connections between niche stakeholder groups. Our digital platforms can also be deployed to disseminate knowledge and insights among interested groups through formats such as webinars, blogs, videos and social media

#MTS Impacts



30+ startups

20+ Partners & Sponsors

50 Countries

$6M investment Raised


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